Q: What is covered by the Smith & Warren Full Lifetime Warranty?  
A: All custom Smith & Warren badges are covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty.  This warranty applies to all custom shirt, wallet, and hat badges, including miniature Family Badges.  It covers manufacturer defects, and is valid for the entire useful life of the badge.



Manufacturer defects, including but not limited to material and workmanship issues.
Breakage or malfunctioning of any badge component due to manufacturing defects.


Q: What is included with Free Repair services?

A:  We understand the significance of your badge, and we are dedicated to helping you maintain its wearability for decades. We acknowledge that through normal use, your badge may encounter wear and tear or minor issues. Badges are not disposable; they are a symbol of your identity and achievement. That's why we offer free repairs for issues due to normal wear and tear.



Repair of minor damages and issues.
Replacement of worn-out or damaged components due to regular use.
Surface refinishing to repair worn-out surface coatings.


Terms & Conditions

Warranty Coverage:


Coverage Scope:

Warranty coverage includes free repair for manufacturer defects, encompassing material and workmanship issues. This extends to the breakage or malfunctioning of any badge component directly resulting from manufacturing defects.
Customer Responsibility:

Submit your request for a warranty repair through IPGBadgeCare. Smith & Warren will determine if the damage is attributed to a manufacturing defect. If deemed so, a return authorization and pre-paid shipping label will be provided for the customer to return the product. Smith & Warren covers the cost of return shipping back to the customer.

Warranty coverage does not extend to damages resulting from misuse, improper handling, negligence, modifications by parties other than Smith & Warren, extensive damage beyond repair, or scratches/dings.

Free Repair Service


Coverage Scope:

Free repair service addresses minor damages and issues due to regular wear and tear. It includes the replacement of worn-out or damaged components resulting from everyday use and surface refinishing to repair worn-out surface coatings.
Customer Responsibility: For products qualifying for free repair (not warranty), the customer is responsible for shipping the product back for repair. However, Smith & Warren covers the cost of shipping the repaired product back to the customer.
Exclusions: Free repair service does not cover damages resulting from misuse, improper handling, negligence, modifications by parties other than Smith & Warren, extensive damage beyond repair, or scratches/dings. This service specifically caters to issues arising from normal wear and tear.

Badge Refurbishing


Q: What is included with Badge Refurbishing?

A: Badge refurbishing is a comprehensive process to return your Smith & Warren badge to like new condition.  This is a great option if you want to re-issue a badge, or to extend the life of your badge for many years.


Coverage Scope:

- Full inspection of all badge components, including attachment, enamel areas, center seal, and      surface finish
- Repair or replacement of any damaged or worn components to restore like-new appearance and functionality.
- Polishing, re-plating, and restoration of all badge components.
- Return shipping to you from the factory.


Terms and Conditions:

The customer is responsible for shipping the badge to Smith & Warren for refurbishment.
Turnaround time for refurbishing may vary based on the complexity of the work.

Q: How can I tell if my badge is a Smith & Warren product?

A: Every Smith & Warren badge has a small S&W hallmark stamped on the back of the badge.  Before requesting warranty repair or refurbishing service, please verify that your badge includes the Smith & Warren hallmark.


Q: Do I need a Return Authorization?

A: If you request WARRANTY, or Free REPAIR service, Yes.   Please do not send your badge into the factory for warranty repair without first obtaining a return authorization.  When you complete your warranty repair request at ipgbadgecare.com you will receive an order confirmation with additional information.  Within 2 business days you will receive a return authorization from the factory.  Include the return authorization with your badge(s) when you send it in for repair. 


If you place a REFURBISHING order, NO, you do not need to wait for a return authorization.  you can send your badge(s) in for refurbishing along with your printed order confirmation. The shipping address for repair and refurbishing is included on your order confirmation email.


Q: What is the difference between surface refinishing and refurbishing?

A. Refinishing is considered a repair and is only performed to replace a worn down surface finish, or if another repair causes additional damage to the badge finish.  Surface refinishing does not include complete stripping and polishing of badges and will not remove surface scratches.   Refurbishing is a more extensive process whereby after chemically removing the decorative surface layer and base layer, the badge is then hand polished to remove scratches.   Using a very careful hand polishing process we are  able to remove light scratches and even most of the deep ones.   The goal when refurbishing is to restore the badge to "like new" condition.  Refurbishing is not included under warranty.  


Q: Do all repairs require that refinishing be done?

A:  Not all repairs require refinishing of the badge.  Most repairs can be completed without having to strip and refinish the badge.   Refinishing will only be done if required to complete the repair.  


Q: How long do repairs take?

A:  Repairs that do not require refinishing are typically shipped back within 5-10 business days.   Repairs that require refinishing typically take 4 to 6 weeks.


Q:  Can you change wording on a badge?

A: Engraving is permanent.   We cannot change wording on a badge during the repair or refurbishing process.  


Q:  Can I make changes to the badge when I send it in for repair? (i.e. Change seal, finish, etc.)

A: Under our warranty and repair programs no changes can be made.  We can only repair a badge to the originally ordered specifications. For any badge modifications, contact Smith & Warren for pricing and information. 


Q:  Can hard enamel be repaired if it cracks?

A: Hard enamel is a glass enamel.  Cracks in glass are permanent.  If the glass is broken we will do our best to repair it with a similar colored epoxy resin to make it look better.  
Q:  My badge is bent.  Can you fix it?

A:  If your badge is very slightly bent due to normal wear and tear we may be able to restore the original shape as part of our Refurbishing Service.   If your badge is more than slightly bent it is unlikely the shape can be restored.


Q:  Can you replace a panel if it falls off?

A: Yes. If your panel falls off, then we can re-attach or replace it at no charge with the same wording that was originally there. 


Q: Can you replace a seal if it falls off or is damaged?

A: Yes.   If your seal detaches we will replace it with the same model seal at no charge.  To change the seal to a different model, or for any badge modifications, contact Smith & Warren for pricing and information.


Q:  Do you issue a prepaid shipping label for repairs?

A: If your badge requires repair under warranty due to a manufacturer defect, we will send you a prepaid shipping label along with the return authorization.   For other repairs you are responsible to ship the badge to us.  We recommend using a trackable service.


Q:  What happens if my badge gets lost in transit on the way to the factory?

A: We are not responsible for any lost packages in transit. This includes customer shipped packages, and packages shipped with pre-paid return labels.  When shipping badges for service, We highly recommend using an insured and trackable service when sending in your badge.  To avoid losses in transit also make sure your badge is properly packaged.  Always use a box or bubble pack.   Never ship a badge in a standard envelope.  


Q: My badge is in a leather case.  Should I send it as well?

A: Generally the answer is no.  If you can remove the badge please do so before sending it in.  If the badge is permanently mounted, then you can send it to us in the case.  We will remove it and then remount it in the case before sending it back.